How To Make Large Concrete Plant Pots

To make a large concrete plant pot you will require cement and sharp sand and aggregate. A large container to mix it up with, tough rubber gloves and some water. You will also require something to use as a mould.

For the mould we used a bucket for the outside of the mould and a smaller plastic old plant pot for the inside of the mould.

I like a rough finish to my plant pots and don’t make moulds like most people do. What I do is get a large plastic bucket and put a carrier bag inside it, this will make the concrete release from the mould much easier. I then put the small container inside another carrier bag.

Mix you concrete together dry first and then slowly add some water to get a mix that is as dry as possible but still pliable.

Put some of the concrete in the large bucket mould to about 25mm thick, then place the smaller container inside the larger bucket. Now fill the sides of the gap with concrete and press it down into the gap between the larger and the smaller container.

When the concrete has reached the top level of the bucket mould, tap the sides of the container to get rid of some of the air bubbles that might be trapped inside.

Allow the concrete to dry for a couple of days.

Remove the mould which should release reasonably easily because of the bags. Some of the bags will have got caught up in the concrete, tear it away until the concrete plant pot is clear of plastic. The plant pot will have a very uneven finish around the sides. This method also allows the moulds to be reused and they won’t need cleaning much for next time.

Good luck with your next concrete plant pot project.