Large Concrete Plant Pot Saucer

A large concrete plant pot saucer made from blue circle multi purpose cement and ballast.

The internal shape was made using polystyrene which was sanded to shape.

the polystyrene bowl shape was stuck to a hardboard base with double sided tape i then make a concrete mix in a bucket and then added some water. Not much water, to much and it turns to slurry and is to weak to form a shape around the polystyrene.

With the concrete mix I took hand fulls of the concrete and built it up around the polystyrene form. when the concrete covered the polystyrene form to about an inch thick I continued to shape the concrete because it tends to slip for a while.

I then left the project for two days until it had cured. I then turned the concrete project over, removed the hardboard and proceeded to dig out the polystyrene form to reveal the inside of the bowl.

I then allowed the bowl to cure for a few days before placing in the garden.

The colour of the concrete plant pot saucer will bleach over time into a more grey colour due to the exposure to the sun.

The saucer was being used to hold water for the birds to use as it was turning out to be a hot summer.